Why a website is important for your business ?

The truth is, it is extremely important for any business to have a website, wither it is a growing startup, a temporary project or any kind of lucrative activity.

Regarding the fast-growing industry of online marketing and digital services, as many would call it, the cons of not having an online presence are actually more than the pros of having it! Why? Many serious businesses, if we don’t say all of them, will race the time to maintain their presence online, wither through an official website or social media accounts, or, which is more likely, both.

Taking that under consideration, if you have a business, or you offer any kind of services, and don’t have a website or even social media accounts for your business, you most probably have no chance of scaling you project to the next level, as growing business just like you, and in the same niche as you are, have already amassed a huge base of social media followers and website visitors, which makes them way ahead of you when it comes to advertising their services, especially you haven’t started that process yet.

There is no doubt that today, and as this article is being written, mobile phones have already took over the world, people spend more time looking at their smart phone than actually talking to each other; so chances are, and if you really want to grow your business, you have to be present where your potential customers spend most of their time: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and overall, their mobile phones and laptops.

Getting a professional website will not only take you business to the next level, but it will also expose you to more people, and make you able to compete with the big players in your industry. Let’s say that you have a t-shirt store, business is good and you are selling just enough to keep your store running, now if we take a look at your clients, you are most likely only selling t-shirts to people who happen to be walking by the street where your shop is located, and wanting to have a t-shirt, and believe me if that the case for your, competition will set end to your project sooner than later.

Now let’s say you had a professional website, put all your products online and launched a couple of ad campaigns, do you know that you can reach 1000 times more people online than in real life? anybody can see your products, wither if they are outside, at a coffee-shop or at their home. And that’s where the magic starts to happen.


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Shahed Mohammad

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