Social media marketing: a new approach to an old art.


It is needless to state how a change social media brought to our lives, from communication to business, social media impact is beyond revolutionary. However, and as much value the revolution of social media brought to our lifestyle and habits, the impact of social media when it comes to business is just the same.

As we stated above, social media brought many changes to things we used to do for a long time, one of these things is marketing. And by the rise of telecommunication and internet, we now no longer talk about market only, but instead: Social media marketing.

social media marketing basically means the use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote businesses and companies, and reach more clients. When properly marketed, these networks can be an effective means of achieving great potential and marketing objectives, such as direct communication with customers at low cost, raising awareness of the brand, and the increasing to the company/business website.

Coming to advantages of using social media for business, the first thing that may come to mind is the fast customer service and direct dialogue with customers, as social media makes it easy to directly communicate with customers and potential clients, as well as replying to their inquiries and questions.

In addition to that, social media marketing helps improve search engine ranking: The strongest and first way to attract visitors to a website is through social networking sites. The more audience shares a links or a page, the higher it’s ranking in search engines, and the probability to be discovered by new people.

Also, the launch of advertising campaigns through social media sites is a little more effective than traditional marketing (satellite channels, newspapers, magazines, etc.), but requires some minimum tools, such as experience and budget.

With that being said, and before we conclude this short article, you may want to take a look to some advices and tips on how to use social media marketing to your advantage, and grow your business to the next level:

  • Identify the target customer before starting advertising campaigns and respect the language, customs and traditions of the public.
  • Check the statistics by Google Analytics to find out the most social networking sites brought visitors and then focus on them you will probably find two or three most interacting with your site or your content and not all.
  • Be interactive with those who interact with your content and do not ignore them, it helps massively with your branding and overall reputation.
  • Use images and choose them well with publications because they add something of beauty and attractiveness to your posts and increase the conversion rate.
  • Make publications and topics as short as possible because most visitors do not have the time and energy to long articles or posts while scrolling on social media.

To sum up, social media marketing is by far the language of the nowadays. use it to your advantage and understand the importance of investing in it to cope with this time’s necessities.

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